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Who we are

Black Ops is a private invitation-only community built exclusively for African operators, who are not holding the combined title of Founder & CEO, to support our collective journey building and scaling great companies.

hether you’re in Operations, Finance, People Ops/HR, Customer Success or other operating functions at a high growth company, we believe we can go farther together.

Our members are tasked with figuring out how to execute their company’s strategy to deliver great results. We share knowledge and best practices, help each other think through problems, and provide a safe space for honesty and vulnerability.

- Welcome to Black Ops -

Our members are operators in the management, leadership and executive teams within high growth, venture backed companies, at the CxO, VP, Director, General/Country Manager and Senior Manager levels. 

Our membership requirements are:

2+ years of current or prior experience at a credible startup with visible traction | Lead a team or function where you are responsible for decision making and execution | Able to engage meaningfully in line with the values and ethos of our community | Not holding the joint title of Founder & CEO

What we do

We are addressing the scarcity of support systems targeted at African operators who are critical in scaling startups, operating businesses, and building great companies that last. 

Our community is built around three pillars:


Learn, grow and advance your capabilities and competencies through high quality interactions. Attend masterclasses, workshops and Q&As with seasoned operators.


Grow your network of top African operators and business leaders who are building and scaling great companies across the world, from Africa to Silicon Valley.


Gain access to useful resources that are battle-tested by other members of our community, and useful at different stages of your journey as a world-class operator.

Have a Question?

Check out the community FAQs, or reach out using the contact form below.

An “operator” is someone whose work involves driving execution of a company’s vision or strategy, whether in Operations, Finance, General Management, People Ops/HR or other functions.

We are focused on venture builders and operators (not Founder/CEO and not Engineering/Product) who have:

  1. Current or prior experience at a credible startup with visible traction e.g. funding, revenue/growth, team size – we are not accepting individual at non-profits, academia, or professional services organizations like law firms, consulting firms, investment funds
  2. 2+ years in an operating role within a startup that fits the criteria above
  3. Lead a team or function where you have responsibility for decision making and execution that clearly impacts the outcomes for the company – we are focused on individuals at the management, senior leadership and executive levels
  4. Desire and ability to engage meaningfully in line with the values and ethos of our community

If you’d like to sponsor BlackOps, please reach out via the contact form or [email protected].